Over 15 years of experience in recruitment and rental

We are soon counting 150 employees, and is one of the largest players in the industry for hiring crews.

100% satisfaction guarantee. Test one week, if you are not satisfied you will pay nothing. The temp will of course receive a salary from us during the period.

Our philosophy is to work as a bicycle team - sit in the front of the field together with the temp and the customers for the best possible results.





We deliver the right person to the right job. Try us for 2 days! If it doesn't work, you won't see any bill either. The temps, of course, receive salaries for work done.

Promont is a contracting company that has seen steady growth in recent years. We use Muncitori for staffing for our construction projects and we contacted Muncitori with questions about help to find an office worker. We had some interviews and we found a good candidate we had on rent for a period. She is now a permanent employee with us. We can highly recommend Muncitori Staffing.

Jonas Strömberg
Promont Byggmontering